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With its wide selection of fruit and vegetable juices, nectars, syrups and fruit-based soft drinks, Rynkeby is one of the most popular juice producers in northern Europe. Rynkeby accompanies consumers with fresh fruit beverages throughout the day – at breakfast, on the go or at those in-between times – and inspires enthusiasm with the consistently high, natural quality of its juices and fruit beverages. Fruit from more than 25 countries is processed and filled at the Danish production plant in Ringe. Denmark is the most important sales market for the popular fruit juice range, and Rynkeby is the unrivalled market leader there.

History: It all began in Inger’s apple orchard

The history of Rynkeby began during the apple harvest in Ringe in 1934. Hoping to make good use of the apple surplus from her garden, Inger Rasmussen enrolled in a course in juice production. All she really wanted was to make juice for her family, but her apple juice tasted so good that her neighbours soon started bringing her their surplus apples to be made into juice as well. All in all, Inger produced the incredible number of 5,000 bottles of apple juice in a single autumn, and thus laid the foundation for one of the most popular fruit-juice brands in all of northern Europe./

The product programme: over 40 varieties of delicious fruit beverages

Rynkeby still offers a number of different varieties of apple juice today, of course. The product programme also comprises more than 40 different types of fruit beverages, such as juices, nectars, fruit-based soft drinks and syrups. In addition to classic favourites like apple and orange juice, the portfolio also includes products that respond perfectly to current consumer trends as well as fruit juices made from organic fruit.

Team Rynkeby – cycling for a good cause

Yet fruit juice is not the only thing that sets Rynkeby apart. The annual Team Rynkeby tour – a gigantic cycling tour in support of a good cause – is one of the world’s biggest charitable events of its kind. Rynkeby employees together with almost 2,100 bikers ride to Paris every year – on bicycles, from Denmark, covering some 1,400 kilometres in a single week. The money collected in the process is donated to a foundation for children suffering from cancer. The proceeds amounted to 10.6 million euros in 2019 alone.



Make it a beautiful day.