YO Fruit Syrup
from Number One in Austria to an export hit

Only the very best juicy, sun-ripened fruits are selected for YO and processed into delicious fruit syrup with expertise gained through years of experience. The number-one Austrian syrup brand stands for the fruitiest taste, highest quality standards and consistent consumer orientation – as is evident in both products and packaging. The practical non-drip cap ensures easy pouring without sticky fingers. That makes YO Syrup the delicious and convenient fruity thirst-quencher for the whole family! And YO fruit syrup is really convenient: It can be diluted with water (1:8), saving on storage space and heavy shopping bags. Every sip immerses you in the colourful, fruity and refreshing world of YO.

YO makes your life fruity.

History: success through more than 60 years of fruit expertise

Fruit syrup has played a prominent role in the YO portfolio since the mid-1970s. The company started out as fruit-juice producer. YO Fruit Syrup became increasingly popular by offering a steadily growing range of varieties. Many parents and grandparents have been familiar with YO fruit syrups since childhood and are glad to be able to pass them on to their own children. This position of trust has made YO the most popular fruit syrup in Austria. The brand’s success – in its Austrian homeland and in markets like Germany and the Czech Republic as well – is attributable not least of all to its outstanding fruit-juice expertise.

The product programme: a fruity selection of syrups for unique fruit drinks

The YO Classic line offers consumers a fruity variety of different flavours, including raspberry, blackcurrant and elderflower – the best of fruit in concentrated form, without artificial colours and chemical preservatives.

The YO Fresh subrange comprises especially refreshing thirst-quenchers with natural lemon flavour, the perfect basis for refreshing long-drinks. The latest subrange – YO Syrup for Homemade Lemonade - offers 2 flavours, to prepare the trendy drink known as “homemade lemonade” easily at home.



Every drop of YO syrup lands in the glass without dripping or spilling.