Tasty fruit beverages for young and old

On the playground, at recess, after sport or while travelling – Mehukatti fruit beverages always offer just the right tasty choice for kids. And the little ones love both the many varieties of delicious fruit juice and fruit syrup and the cute feline mascot – the familiar symbol of the Finnish brand.

History: the leading brand of children’s fruit beverages

The first products produced by Mehukatti – fruit syrups in glass bottles – were introduced to the market in 1977. Today, Mehukatti is the market leader in the Finnish fruit-syrup segment and the leading brand of children’s fruit beverages in Finland.

The product portfolio: from fruit beverages to ice lollies

With a diverse range of product and packing units, Mehukatti appeals not only to children, but to the whole family as well. The producer began offering fruit syrup in practical plastic containers early on and they soon became immensely popular in Finland. Many people keep fruit and berry syrups in reserve, (for when grandchildren come to visit).

Mehukatti’s successful entry into the ready-to-drink segment was a visionary milestone in year 2007. These non-carbonated fruit drinks in 0.5-litre PET bottles contain less sugar – the ideal refreshing, fruity alternative for in-between times. In 2011 the legendary TRIP single-portion packs with straw were integrated under the Mehukatti brand. The product range is complemented by delicious fruit snacks for children containing 100% fruit (and no sugar). In 2018 Mehukatti listened to young parents who want to offer the best for their kids and created a new range of organic fruit drinks with high juice content and no added sugar, packed in 200-ml single-portion carton packs. In 2019 Mehukatti organic range expanded to syrups which are packaged in a carton.


Tasty fruit beverages for young and old.