An intense flavour experience

With over 30 flavours available, Pago juices stimulate all the senses to provide an intense fruit experience. From our well-loved variants like ACE and peach to our unique specialties like rhubarb, melon or guava, Pago offers something delectable for every taste.

History: liquid fruit as a formula for success

After 130 years of history spanning back to 1888, Pago’s original core values still ring true today. Pago juices are produced exclusively from natural fruits, sourced from the best fruit growers in the world. Pago guarantees a unique, unrivalled, full bodied juice drink that offers our consumers a moment of pure indulgence.

With this philosophy, Pago is successfully represented in over 30 countries all over the world. The well-known green glass bottle with the yellow cap is indispensable in bars, cafés and restaurants in many European countries. The most important sales markets are Austria, France, Italy and Spain.

Growing portfolio: new fruity taste variations

Pago continues to respond to the many different needs and preferences of consumers today. New innovative variations such as indulgent Pago smoothies delight our consumers just like our organic range Pago Bio. And Pago will carry on providing new fruity taste experiences in the years to come with exciting fresh juice variations for every occasion.


Is there anyone who isn’t familiar with the little, green glass bottle with the yellow cap?