granini: the best fruit for the best juice
The international brand icon for fruit juice and fruit nectar

Consumers in more than 50 countries are impressed by granini’s extraordinary fruitiness and superior quality day after day. The best sun-ripened fruit and gentle processing are the basis for the premium quality of these fruit juices and fruit beverages. An unrivalled icon in the fruit-juice market, the granini brand stands out above all by virtue of its unique bottle design featuring the typical granini dimples.

History: inspired by Italian fruit juice

The success story of the international fruit-juice brand granini began in 1965, when granini Trinkfrucht – a product inspired by Italian fruit juices – was introduced to the German market.

Today, granini products are among the leading premium fruit juices and nectars in Europe and represent the strongest brand in the portfolio of the Eckes-Granini Group. granini juices and nectars are available in retail food stores as well as hotels, bars and restaurants.

The product programme: a diverse selection of delicious flavours

The tremendous popularity of granini fruit juices and fruit beverages is attributable above all to their high quality and unparalleled variety, which includes products for home, on-the-go and out-of-home consumption. With more than 40 different varieties of fruit juices, nectars and fruit drinks, granini offers something for every taste.

Innovation: new fruity experiences

granini never stops searching for new taste sensations. Innovations like our premium granini Selection/Selección juices (Germany/Spain), our organic range granini Bio (Belgium/France) or the 100% FRUTA range (Spain) bring delicious excitement to our consumers every day.


Enjoy the granini experience! Discover our diverse range of juices, try some delicious cocktail recipes and learn everything there is to know about the granini brand!