Achieving success with the most powerful brands

Powerful brands are the key to success for the Eckes-Granini Group and they represent a decisive strategic competitive advantage. We believe in our strong brands, which consumers genuinely appreciate, and will continue to rely on them in future. We focus above all on our “strategic brands”. With these unique brand personalities in the fruit-juice, fruit-beverage and smoothie categories, we consistently provide personalized brand experiences for our consumers and new promising impulses for the market.

In keeping with the specific requirements of the fruit-juice and fruit-beverage market, we rely on a mix comprising our international premium brands granini and Pago and local and regional strategic brands, such as hohes C in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary, Joker in France, God Morgon, Brämhults and Rynkeby in the Nordic region, Marli in Finland, SIÓ in Hungary and Elmenhorster in Lithuania.

Our portfolio of strategic fruit-beverage brands is complemented by YO syrup in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe. We also offer such so-called tactical brands as Mehukatti, Réa, FruchtTiger, Susi, Tropic and Brasil.