Freshly squeezed premium fruit juices

Brämhults stands for authenticity, natural quality and a blend of tradition and modern lifestyle. This premium brand is known for its chilled fruit and vegetable juices. Since January 2018, these juices are produced at the Brämhults plant in Ringe, Denmark. Only the best, freshest seasonal fruits are used to make fruit juice. Brämhults squeeze juice from fresh fruit and vegetables several days a week. Within 24 hours of squeezing, the juice is bottled and is soon sent off to the store. As the juice is squeezed from fresh and seasonal fruit, the taste and color varies over the year. In other words, it's juice that is just like fresh fruit!

Consumers are impressed with the freshness and superior quality of these fruit juices – and so is the Swedish royal family. Brämhults is the official supplier of fruit beverages to the Swedish court.

History: a pioneer in the production of fresh juice

Inspired by the idea of helping people develop healthier nutritional habits, Sigvard Berggren became the visionary behind Brämhults in the early 1960s. He started squeezing carrots in the basement of his house and serving the delicious, healthy juice to his family and friends. The rest is history. Today, Brämhults fruit and vegetable juices are among the most beloved products among the Swedish people. They are also marketed successfully in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The product programme: delicious fruit and vegetable combinations

Brämhults’ best-known product line is the freshly squeezed fruit-juice range, which encompasses freshly squeezed orange juice as well as many other varieties of fruit and vegetable juice, including interesting blends of juice with chili, turmeric and ginger.

The Brämhults portfolio also includes chilled smoothies and freshly pressed vegetable juices with an added touch of fruit. The extensive portfolio is complemented by a range of delicious, chilled fruit-based soft drinks.


Fresh and natural - those are the qualities for which the Swedish fruit juice brand Brämhults stands.