Hohes C
Healthy fruit juice for the whole family

Millions of families put their trust in hohes C every day, making it the most popular fruit-juice brand in Germany. Pure, natural and rich in essential vitamin C, these 100% juices are produced without added sugar and in vegan quality. Thus they make an important contribution to healthy, enjoyable nutrition.

History: hohes C invents ready-to-drink orange juice

hohes C was introduced to the German market as the first ready-to-drink orange juice in 1958 – a genuine innovation that is practically taken for granted today. With a supported brand awareness rating of nearly 100%, hohes C is the most popular fruit juice – and not only in Germany. The brand is also a favourite in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

Product programme: fruit juices for a healthy lifestyle

In addition to hohes C Orange, the immensely popular classic, a number of other fruit-juice varieties provide for delicious, juicy diversity: Multivitamin Juice, Red Multivitamin Juice, Breakfast Juice, to name only a few. And the brand generates impulses for innovations in other segments as well. The mild juices from hohes C are less acidic by nature and thus especially mild and natural – yet with full fruit flavour! The hohes C PLUS juices contain additional healthy nutrients, taste delicious and contribute to a healthy, balanced lifestyle day in and day out. The new hohes C BIO* juices are made from 100% organic fruits, which come from certified organic cultivation and are carefully selected.

*certified according to DE-ÖKO-003



Pure, unadulterated and rich in natural vitamin C.

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