Eckes-Granini donates fruit juice to paramedics in Lithuania

Eckes-Granini Lithuania wants to give something back to the helpers in the fight against Corona and donates Elmenhorster fruit juice to the paramedics and volunteers in the country's five largest medical emergency services.

They bring sick people to the hospital, answer questions of potentially infected people via a hotline together with volunteers and coordinate further actions like hospitalization or testing for the virus. The paramedics of the public medical emergency service in Lithuania and many volunteers on the phone are currently working long hours and under an enormous strain to help in the Corona crisis.

Eckes-Granini Lithuania has therefore decided to give them something in return. During the quarantine period in Lithuania of at least two weeks, the company will support the fighters against corona with a a donation of Elmenhorst organic fruit juices. To this end, it sent the first shipment of 2,700 liters to the public medical emergency services in Lithuania's five largest cities last week. And Eckes-Granini Lithuania will continue to support the helpers in the future: Until the greatest effects of the virus infection are over, they are regularly supplied with the same amount of juice.



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