New and totally trendy – Die Limo Ultra Leicht

The Die Limo Ultra Leicht Coconut water - Lemon refreshes with only 9 calories per 100 milliliters ─ and without sweeteners. This makes it unique on the market.

Die Limo Ultra Leicht from granini lives up to its name: With only 9 calories per 100 milliliters. And all this without sweetener – making it unique in the lemonade market! Its coconut water-lemon flavour makes it a real trendsetter.

Furthermore, Die Limo Ultra Leicht is vegan and gets by with 75 percent less sugar (compared to Die Limo Original Lime-Lemon). Like the other Die Limo’s from granini, it does not contain artificial sweeteners, colourings or preservatives.

It is therefore perfect for all health-conscious Limo-fans: it provides variety, is less sweet and offers naturally refreshing taste. It has been available in retail stores since February – taste it now!

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