Award for sustainable commitment

Eckes-Granini Germany achieves 2nd Star Certification of the non-profit initiative "Lean and Green" - the currently highest level of distinction available

Acting sustainably, reducing greenhouse gases, becoming climate-neutral: These are the goals Eckes-Granini has been pursuing for a long time. Two years after receiving the 1st Star certification the German location has now been awarded the 2nd Star, the currently highest level of distinction available, of the non-profit initiative "Lean and Green".

GS1 Germany, a network of non-profit organizations that develop, negotiate and maintain standards for cross-company processes worldwide, thus honours companies that successfully reduce greenhouse gases in logistics processes. For this purpose, Eckes-Granini Germany reduced its CO2 emissions by a further 10 percent, promoted a social project and expanded the range of greenhouse gas emissions used in the calculation from 50 percent to 75 percent. 

Last-named was achieved through a cooperation with Kaufland: The companies optimized the joint supply chain by sharing transport space, which prevented unnecessary empty runs or repositionings. This saves 25 tons of CO2 per year. Eckes-Granini has made a convincing case for social commitment through the European lighthouse project Team Rynkeby. The Group-wide cycling initiative is biking to Paris and has been collecting donations for seriously ill children since 2002. In 2019, Team Rynkeby became Europe's largest charity cycling event with more than 2,000 international cyclists and donated a record of 10.6 million euros. For the first time with German participation with 54 riders and 15 service staff from Team Rynkeby - hohes C. 

The 2nd Star award is a remarkable success for Eckes-Granini Germany, but it is no reason to rest on one's laurels: The company will continue to reduce greenhouse gases to an even greater extent in the future through internal projects and cooperations with partners.


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