New General Manager at Eckes-Granini in Denmark

Ivan Thyregod will be the new General Manager of Rynkeby Foods A / S. He brings a lot of expertise to the company.

Ivan Thyregod will direct the fortunes of Rynkeby Foods A/S based in Ringe, Denmark, which has been part of the Eckes-Granini Group for four years. This is where by far the most popular juice brand in Denmark – Rynkeby – is produced and marketed. Thyregod brings a strong international and commercial background as well as a broad understanding of business across the entire value chain. He started his career in 1993, working at Procter & Gamble after his master's degree in sales and marketing. At P & G, he acquired a lot of expert knowledge in sales and marketing and already demonstrated his leadership skills locally and internationally. In 2010, he moved to Claio & Arla Milk-Based Beverage as Commercial Director and was Head of Commercial Excellence, Channel & Customer Development from 2015 on.

„I am looking forward to contribute to a healthy society as General Manager of Rynkeby Foods A / S,“ Ivan Thyrego says.

"I am now really looking forward to implementing Eckes-Granini's vision “The best of fruit for a healthy and enjoyable life” at Rynkeby Foods A / S and to doing my part in creating a healthy society," says Thyregod. "It is also important to me to become part of Team Rynkeby and to thereby help children with cancer."

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