20 years Eckes-Granini Finland!

The Marli brand is part of the Eckes-Granini Group for 20 years now, adding that special Finnish extra to our product range.

Marli is the fruit-juice pioneer from Finland: Entire generations have grown up with Marli products in the homeland of this popular brand. „With our acquisition in 2000 we have made a further progress in our European expansion in a very fruitful region. It opened the door to the markets in Scandinavia and the Baltic states,” says Thomas Hinderer, CEO Eckes-Granini Group. „A decision that we as Group look back on more than positively 20 years later.“

„We’ve got a much clearer direction to our business development with strong know-how and support from the Group. It felt like we became part of a bigger family“, says Juha Helokoski, General Manager Eckes-Granini Finland about the acquisition at that time. Eckes-Granini Finland is the market leader and innovator of fruit beverages in the Finnish market with its brand Marli. Fruit juices play an important role there, especially on the breakfast table. They are the vitamin-rich balance for consumers, especially during long winters with little sunshine.

A look into the future: In Finland, consumers are as well more open to try new things than two decades ago. „We have very successfully launched smoothies and multi composition drinks made from fruit and oats. Playing around naturalness, locality and lower caloric contents will have a role also in the future“, says Torsti Hurmerinta, Commercial Director Eckes-Granini Finland.

Eckes-Granini Finland

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