Local tours instead of big event

The largest European charity bike tour of Team Rynkeby to Paris was unfortunately cancelled. Our teams are still riding: Not across borders, but in regional tours.

The Corona crisis has also affected this year's Charity Cycling Tour of Team Rynkeby. Unfortunately the trip to Paris had to be cancelled. But our teams still ride - within the bounds of what is possible. So, in the beginning of July the first riders started on their own national routes: the "Tour de Finland", "Tour de Denmark" or "Tour de Sweden".

Because the commitment remains: On their way the cyclists collect money for children's cancer research. In Finland, almost 300 members in eight teams are on the road for this purpose. One of them even completes the originally planned 1,200 kilometers to Paris, but now along the east coast of Finland. Similar things are happening in Denmark and Sweden. And the next teams are already in the starting blocks for their tour.


Team Denmark on its way through their own beautiful nature.
Between forests and lakes: The “Tour de Finland”.
A bit of Paris in the middle of Sweden. The destination of “Tour the Sweden” changed only slightly.
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