Brand power for strong gastronomy

The Corona crisis hits the gastronomy hard. Our granini and Pago brands are giving the industry a helping hand with a variety of solutions.

Weeks of lockdown, the customers stay away, the reopening under hygienic conditions: All this causes deep worry lines in the gastronomy, if not even existential fears. We, the Eckes-Granini Group, have been a partner to the industry for many years and are deeply committed to it. For this reason, our response to current events is a very clear one: We help where we can. Our strongest gastronomy brands, granini and Pago, show how.

We support with Crowdfunding!

granini Germany is participating in the rescue fund "Support your local bar" to help independent gastronomers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through the crisis. More than 500,000 euros have already been donated. In addition, the platform offers the opportunity to give virtual tips to your favourite bar.

In a joint initiative with 70 important partners in the gastronomy sector, called "J'aime mon bistrot", granini and Pago are supporting French gastronomy. Consumers can place advance orders there. More than 25,000 have already done so. The proud result: over 1.5 million euros.

Pago is helping gastronomers in Austria in these difficult times by giving out thousand vouchers to consumers in a prize draw on the radio. More than 30,000 euros were received by the gastronomers in this way.


We give our part!  

"Pago loves gastronomy"--with this slogan a special campaign will be launched in Austria at the end of this year. 10 cents per Pago bottle sold goes to the benefit of gastronomers in the form of discounts in kind. In this way our consumers can directly and actively support our commitment.

A limited edition for unlimited gratitude: granini IbĂ©rica has come up with a unique way to show appreciation. On one special edition, the granini logo and the usual label are replaced by a message full of hope. The 1-litre orange juice bottle now shines with the words "Thank you for helping, #everythingwillbefine", along with a rainbow, one of the symbols of the pandemic. With this edition, not only does a token of gratitude go out to all Corona helpers, but also a portion of the turnover goes to food banks or soup kitchens. 


Everything to go!

Delivery and pick-up services and street vending continue to boom. granini Germany provides gastronomers with the right products and support: granini Cocktail Premixes for quick and easy preparation of the five hottest cocktails over the counter and suggestions for matching dishes. 

Everything digitally! 

It is time to help also with innovative, sustainable solutions! granini Germany has recognised this and developed two packages with special offers: One for the gastronomy sector, the other for the hotel industry. Both systems, granini wayter (Tobit.Software) for gastronomy and CODE2ORDER granini for the hotel industry, are digital all-round carefree packages. They digitally accompany all processes from ordering to payment and from check-in to check-out. This makes it easier for our partners to reopen without any direct contact.


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