Pago consumers in Spain can now take part in an exciting campaign: the personal Pago collection via web app.

Pago consumers have become genuine flavour collectors in recent months. The brand offered them a website with which they can scan Pago bottles and collect them to a personal list of their favourite varieties.

Consumers were invited to register for the “Coleccionistas de sabores” (“Flavour collectors”) campaign on a landing page using their Google, Facebook or e-mail accounts. That gave them access to a map of participating bars and cafés. Whenever they drank a Pago juice at one of them, they could scan the bottle and thus add the beverage to their personal digital Pago collections. Those who got all twelve varieties were eligible to win a culinary prize. A chance for a quick win offered the search function: She displayed special varieties and the bars that offered them. And the website had one more cool feature: ideas and recipes for personal cocktail creations made with Pago juices. 


In which bar can I get which Pago? The web app shows the way.
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