A new tickle for Swedish tongues

The new premium range Brämhults Selected is designed to reach a younger target group.

Eckes-Granini Sweden is now launching the new flavour range Brämhults Selected. Inspired by the trend toward self-mixing juices, new recipe combinations have been developed in which fresh fruits are mixed with spices and herbs.

Juice bars made their entry on the Swedish market about five years ago and became very popular fast, offering a wide variety of exciting blends. In these bars, fresh vegetables and fruits were squeezed and made into fresh smoothies, juices and shots.

“With the arising trend of juice bars we also saw a clear trend towards blending your own juice at home. We were therefore especially inspired by the recipe combinations where fresh fruits were mixed with spices and herbs,” says Ulrika Lang Gerdén, Nordic Brand Manager at Eckes-Granini Sweden.

Being a trend setter in the category, Brämhults had already launched two flavors back in 2016/2017 – orange, carrot, chili, ginger and orange, pineapple, ginger, turmeric. These two juices quickly became top selling products. Brämhults are now bringing these two popular flavors into the Selected range, together with the beetroot, apple and the launch of apple, grape, passion fruit, ginger.

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