From tomatoe to juice

During field tours, Eckes-Granini visits local farmers and suppliers—this time in France.

For Eckes-Granini, sustainability means more than the appropriate cultivation of raw materials. It also expresses itself in long-term relationships with producers and suppliers. To learn more about the sustainable process along the supply chain and the challenges it faces, employees of the Eckes-Granini Group visited producers and suppliers on site in the course of field tours.


The transformation: From tomatoes in the field to Eckes-Granini juice

After a first visit to Germany's carrot and beet fields, the second stop was at Panier Provencal, a tomato juice supplier from Provence in France. The tomatoes are adapted to the Provençal climate of France in terms of soil, mistral wind, high temperature and water requirements. They are grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture and in a way that minimizes the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. "I am proud of our tomato cultivation. Because it is an environmentally friendly crop by nature," explains Rémi Reoult of Panier Provencal on site. As a consultant for the contract farmers, Remi Reoult has worked closely with the farmers for many years and knows the specifics of each tomato field.

The tomatoes only travel a few kilometers before they are pressed into juice. The fields are very close to the factory of our supplier Panier Provencal. After harvesting, the tomatoes arrive there and are washed, pressed and pasteurized within seconds. In this way, the tomatoes retain all their aromas and vitamins!


Visit with effect

At the end of the field tour, the group takes away not only the many short-term impressions but also those with lasting effects: A strengthened mutual trust between supplier, producer and company, newly gained experience with sustainable agriculture, the expertise of the farmers and transparency about the products. "The farmers and representatives of Panier Provencal were proud to welcome us and tell us more about their work," explains Adeena Campas, External Communication Manager, Eckes-Granini France. "And we, the Eckes-Granini team, were overwhelmed by the professionalism of the staff".



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