Pago: Donating for gastronomers

Whoever buys Pago supports Austria's gastronomy. For every bottle sold, 10 cents go to restaurants, bars and cafes.

For the national organizations of Eckes-Granini, one thing remains self-evident this year: the willingness to continue supporting volunteers, organizations, hospitals and even the gastronomy sector. After all, the second lockdown poses major economic challenges for many of our customers in this sector. Our clear message: We are partners and help each other! Our gastronomy brand Pago is now expressing its love for its customers with a fundraising campaign in Austria: "Love life and love gastronomy!

Eckes-Granini juice as corona aid for gastronomy

It’s really simple: Whoever buys Pago supports. Eckes-Granini Austria thus brings all consumers on board - everyone can help! For every Pago bottle sold in retail stores, our Austrian national organization donates 10 cents to restaurants, bars and cafesoffering them free Pago crates. "We expect to use the money raised to collect a total of 5,000 Pago reusable crates for our gastronomy partners. This corresponds to a sales value of 100,000 euros, which will benefit our partners in the form of free goods," says Petra Nothdurfter, Managing Director of Eckes-Granini Austria.

More turnover with Limited Editions

For Pago, as a traditional Austrian brand, the bond with its homeland and gastronomy is of the highest priority. This is why the fundraising campaign is associated with an extra treat: The recently launched Pago Limited Edition Dragonfruit-Pink Guava. After its reopening, this will primarily attract curious consumers and give the gastronomers the chance to generate new sales relatively quickly with the free products. We wish our customers nothing else!


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