Marli & SIÓ bring joy to Christmas

Charity projects launched by our brands Marli from Finland and SIÓ from Hungary are helping children and young people during Christmas time.

What describes us as Eckes-Granini Group best this year is: Our strong brands stand for strong commitment! This is especially true during Christmas time, when help is usually needed most. That is why our national organizations Eckes-Granini Finland and SIÓ-Eckes, Hungary's leading fruit drink producer, have started charity projects to help children and young people in need.

When people in Finland want to enjoy of a typical warm spicy drink for Christmas time, it is our Marli Glogg. So why not use this awareness to make Christmas even more meaningful for disadvantaged children and young people? “Following the slogan ‘Do good with Marli Glogg’, we installed a quiz for our consumers on our website,” explains Irma Mäki Senior Brand Manager Eckes-Granini Finland. “With every participant, we increase the amount of donation that goes to our charity partner Hope Association.”

Last Christmas Eckes-Granini Finland asked their Marli Glogg Facebook group followers, in what charity project Marli Glogg should give its input. Hope Association got most of the votes. They want to give children in Finland more equal opportunities for a good everyday life. The donations collected will go towards clothing and other goods for low-income and crisis-weakened families and will also provide hobby support and leisure experiences for their kids. “We are committed to donating up to 10,000 Euro,” adds Irma Mäki. “We have also launched a new limited flavor for this years’ seasonal taste: Marli Glögi 2020 with orange, cranberry and a hint of rosemary.” 

Vitamin-packed Christmas with SIÓ

Our national organization SIÓ-Eckes in Hungary came up with a similar project. Whenever customers buy 1-liter SIÓ drink products they participate in a special promotion during the festive season and will support the Child Nutrition Foundation with a part of the product price. With the donations, fresh fruit rich in vitamins will be provided to children in need across the country. “This year, we want to sneak joy into the lives of both donors and recipients with a campaign that combines the consumption of fruit drinks and community support,” says Emese Bognàr, Communication and Media Manager of SIÓ-Eckes. “Nothing is more important in a year characterized by a pandemic.” 

The campaign includes all SIÓ 1 liter fibrous and filtered fruit drinks so that everyone can find their favorite: “The consumers can not only enjoy the taste of their favorite fruit drinks, but also automatically contribute to enabling children in need of vitamins to benefit from the positive effects of fruit consumption in winter,” said Anita Pusztai, Marketing Manager of SIÓ-Eckes. So, Christmas can come!

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