Climate-friendly transport: We're joining!

Eckes-Granini Sweden signs the national Transport Initiative 2025 and will be driving free of fossil fuels in the future.

We, the Eckes-Granini Group, have set ourselves ambitious goals in terms of sustainability - along the entire supply chain. That is why we leave out anything that harms our planet on the way our products travel. We are already packing our products lighter and lighter, avoiding empty runs and sharing transport space. That cuts CO2 emissions!

Our national subsidiary Eckes-Granini Sweden is now tackling the problem at its roots: As a member company of DLF (the Swedish trade association for companies that supply food to retailers, restaurants and catering establishments), it signed the national Transport Initiative 2025, thereby committing to the goal of getting products from A to B in Sweden without using fossil fuels by the year 2025.

Juice transport without fossil fuels

Sweden's politicians want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector by 70 per cent by 2030 compared to 2010. The fact that domestic transport - own and purchased - at DLF member companies must be free of fossil fuels by 2025 is working to help reach that goal. Presenting data from companies that support the initiative, an overview from 2020 shows that 59 percent of national transport is happening fossil-free. Let’s keep at it - from now on also with Eckes-Granini!

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