A big plus for health

Not only during the Corona pandemic, it is important to stay healthy. New products by our Nordic brand God Morgon focus on additional vitamins and nutrients.

God Morgon has been the market leader in the organic segment in Sweden since the launch of its first organic juice in 2000. With the new God Morgon Benefit product line, they are now focusing on an additional plus for health.

Above all, the Nordic brand God Morgon aims to reach the so-called "Active Achievers", our family-oriented and health-conscious consumers who are particularly keen on protecting themselves and their families against illness during these times. The first two new developments in the God Morgon Benefit range therefore bring full vitamin power to the bottle. The two flavors Sun Power - with a citrusy hint of yuzu as well as additional vitamins C and D - and Berry Protect, with the sweet taste of Nordic berries and with additional vitamins C and E are already introduced to the market. 

But Scandinavia can look forward to even more new and exciting products by God Morgon: The third juice in the range - Prebiotic Fibre - has just been launched in Denmark and will be launched in Sweden as well. In addition to the gentle taste of pear and coconut milk, the new juice also contains fiber from chicory root, which has a prebiotic effect on intestinal health.

With this plus, everyone can do something for their health - and it could not be easier!

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