New granini Trinkgenuss: Full fruit ahead!

granini is causing a sensation on German juice shelves starting in March with four products of the new 100 percent range of granini Trinkgenuss.

With granini Trinkgenuss 100%, our granini brand is targeting German consumers who maintain a health-oriented lifestyle and for whom - in addition to the taste of the juice - a high fruit content is especially important.

"We are meeting this need with our new granini Trinkgenuss 100% range," says Tobias Liesenfeld, Senior Brand Manager granini Germany. "Because with it, we're focusing on the full serving of fruit without added sugar." From March 1 on, the new varieties "Multivitamin" and "Apple naturally cloudy" will catch consumers' eyes - in a clear design and, easily recognizable, with a green instead of the familiar red granini lid.

Trend products for a healthy lifestyle

“Multivitamin is the third strongest variety in our German juice market," explains Tobias Liesenfeld. The juice combines various fruits such as pineapple, orange, passion fruit and peach in a finely rounded combination. The new "apple naturally cloudy" variety will replace the "apple clear" variety. Liesenfeld says: "The trend in Germany is clearly moving toward naturally cloudy products. And we are helping to shape it."

Product range expanded

The already well-known granini drinking pleasure juices "Orange with pulp" and "Orange without pulp" will also be expanded with100 percent fruit juice variants. This brings the product range of our granini brand in Germany to an impressive 22 product varieties!

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