Pago interviews gastronomes

Pago’s popular interview series with Austrian gastronomes continues despite the pandemic. Two new “lighthouse gastronomes” tell their stories and what our brand Pago means to them.

Only 20 years old, young entrepreneur Alexandra Holzhey was thrown in cold water when she took over Café Urbann in Wels. “I earned my employees’ respect because I always worked with them and approached things directly instead of letting others do the work,” Holzhey recounts. She has a deep connection with Pago, having visited Café Urbann with her grandmother already to enjoy Pago juices. Her favorite flavor: black currant.


Huth stands for diversity

Ambitious power couple Gabriele and Robert Huth manage six restaurants and one food-stand in the heart of Vienna. They have built a mix of different restaurant concepts – from Italian to burgers and steaks to traditional Viennese cuisine. It all came naturally that way: “Each restaurant had to develop its own profile because they are right next to each other,” Robert Huth explains.

One thing, however, connects all of them – their owners’ focus on quality products. That is why Pago is the only fruit juice for them. Their favorites are black currant and apricot mixed with water. “A real flavor explosion,” they say.


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