This bottle will disappear by itself

Eckes-Granini Sweden is working on an innovative packaging solution: The new bottle will not only be compostable, but you can even eat it.

Many manufacturers claim that their packaging is biodegradable. In most cases, however, this packaging has to be industrially processed - with heat, for example - so that it decomposes. Eckes-Granini Sweden, together with various partners, is designing a bottle that will compost by itself.

Orange peel served as inspiration for the packaging prototype.

Cooperation with startup

Together with the startup Tomorrow Machines and aided by government agency Vinnova and Bioinnovation, along with RISE (Research Institute of Sweden), Eckes-Granini Sweden is developing a prototype that is inspired by fruit peel and consists of potato starch and coconut extract. 
"If everything goes well, we hope to continue with this project and, in the future, be able to fill our Brämhults products in these bottles,” says Pernilla Morén, International Innovation Manager at Eckes-Granini Group.

"This is a milestone in the development of sustainable innovations. Eckes-Granini wants to try out new ways, following our sustainability strategy," says Jérôme Mornet, Director Quality Assurance & Sustainability at Eckes-Granini Group.


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