Spanish sustainability in moving pictures

A new video impressively shows what Eckes-Granini Spain has achieved in terms of sustainability - and what the future looks like.

Eckes-Granini Spain is making an important contribution to greater sustainability. In a new video, the national company also formulates ambitious goals for the future. For example, all bottles are to be 100 percent recyclable by 2022. Eckes-Granini Spain also wants to save 72 tons of plastic in bottle production. "But we will not stop here," the video says. "We will continue to work to make our planet a better home."

The achievements so far are sure to impress: All bottles are 100 percent recyclable, as of this year only paper straws are used, and 86 percent of cardboard packaging is made of plant-based materials - the latter alone reduces CO2 emissions by 15 percent. In line with the Group-wide sustainability strategy, the national company also intends to use more renewable energies and support sustainable initiatives to save even more CO2.


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