“Fresh and not too sweet”

God Morgon® Apple 1L wins consumer test.

God Morgon® Apple 1L was announced best in test in a Swedish newspaper last week.

It has been one out of eight kinds of apple juices (from concentrate) that were tested in the consumer panel of one of Sweden’s largest newspapers. With four out of five in ratings, God Morgon® Apple juice became the solo winner. Taste was the most important criterion in the evaluation but smell and color of the juice were also judged. 

’Wow, what a good apple juice. Tart, fresh and not too sweet. Very good apple flavor. It’s like a quality must’, was the enthusiastic response from the jury.  

The God Morgon Team sends the biggest gratitude to the R&D and production staff in Ringe/Denmark, for making this success possible! 

Click here for more information about the consumer test.


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