JUiCE ME UP! is small, smart and sustainable

The new range from granini is a genuine and so far unique innovation on the German juice market.

It's up to you - opt for more sustainability! That’s the message on the packaging of JUiCE ME UP! The new granini range is a unique innovation on the German juice market. JUiCE ME UP! is concentrated fruit juice for self-mixing in a handy small package (200 ml).

By adding 800 ml of water, you can easily and conveniently make a liter of delicious juice with 100 percent fruit content. Compared to a conventional 1-liter PET juice bottle, 1 Tetra Pak granini JUiCE ME UP! saves 62 percent CO2 during transport, packaging waste is reduced by 61 percent and weight by 76 percent. Therefore it protects the environment, reduces the weight of your shopping basket and saves space in the pantry. JUiCE ME UP! is available in 3 varieties: Orange, Multivitamin und Apfel naturtrüb. REAL JUiCE – Just mix it up!


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