Fruity. Frutier. YO SUGARFREE!

Eckes-Granini Austria launches YO SUGARFREE, a new range of innovative syrups. As usual with the best taste and the fruitiest fruits, but completely without sugar.

The popular YO flavors Raspberry, Raspberry-Lemon and Elderflower now also convince with intense flavor but sugar-free. And with only 2 kcal per 100 ml of ready-to-drink beverage! YO SUGARFREE is a fruity refreshment for all who want to cut calories, but do not want to give up full flavor.

"The possibility of saving sugar and thus contributing to a conscious lifestyle is a particular concern for us with syrup too. With YO SUGARFREE, we are pleased to be able to offer our syrup without sugar, while maintaining the same YO taste and full-fruit drinking pleasure," says Manfred Grestenberger, Sales Director Austria. 

Fresh for spring

As usual with YO, the new fruit syrups are produced in proven quality. The use of the best, carefully selected raw materials from strictly controlled production and the renunciation of added colorants is part of the YO philosophy. The new range is thus the ideal complement to YO Organic and the Classic and Fresh varieties. 

But not only in terms of taste, also visually the new addition to the syrup shelf exudes spring freshness: sky-blue labels make YO SUGARFREE an eye-catcher and at the same time they are easy to distinguish from the Classic Range. The familiar anti-squirt cap makes it easier to pour without squirting and handling the ergonomically shaped YO bottle is easy-peasy.

Teamwork wins

The launch of YO SUGARFREE was realized by cooperation between several national companies. "Through close international cooperation, we were also able to launch YO SUGARFREE not only in Austria but also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Germany and Hungary," says Manfred Grestenberger. 


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