Earth Hour 2022: Lights out for climate protection

Eckes-Granini Germany is taking part in Earth Hour 2022 as a sign of support for climate protection and peace in Europe.

Climate protection has always been a central focus of Eckes-Granini's sustainability strategy. To set an example for climate protection, Eckes-Granini Germany is therefore participating in this year's Earth Hour by switching off the lights at its production sites for one hour.

The "Earth Hour" organised by the WWF, people, cities and companies from all over the world set an example for climate protection and our living planet by turning off the lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. in their own homes or at monuments and official buildings. The lights will therefore also go out at Eckes-Granini's German locations on Saturday and even for the entire weekend. 

Protecting the climate is especially close to Eckes-Granini's heart. Eckes-Granini Germany is therefore aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and to compensate emissions where this is not possible. The company has been reducing its carbon footprint for years by modernising its production facilities, purchasing green electricity, using recycled PET and reducing the weight of packaging. Logistics has also implemented numerous measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in warehouse and logistics processes. These include, for example, the integration of liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks into the company's own logistics fleet, transport space sharing or, most recently, a cooperation with DB Cargo that shifts domestic German transports in combined transport onto rails. 

We tackle what we can change directly: Business travel, commuting, waste management and water consumption. However, we cannot reduce all our greenhouse gas emissions, so we offset the rest of our emissions that result from direct business activities. 

We’re going dark to light the way! #LightsOff


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