100% fruity vitamin C power with 40% less sugar

Less sugar, vitamin-rich and a delicious fruity taste - all without artificial sweeteners: this is the successful concept behind hohes C Juicy Balance. The deliciously light range of fruit drinks from market leader hohes C contains 40% less sugar and no added sweeteners. Whether Orange, Multi, Mango or Red Multi - for every taste, the daily vitamin C dose2 is guaranteed with just one glass.

Full fruit flavor for the active target group

Less sugar and a conscious diet are playing an increasingly important role in beverage choices. Many consumers expect their daily glass of juice to be both healthy and delicious. Our Juicy Balance product concept succeeds in meeting this demand not only with its outstanding hohes C quality, but at €1.89 (RRP) also offers an attractive price for all active and health-conscious people who want to have fun, to boost their vitamin intake and balance their daily diet – all at the same time!

Healthy juice enjoyment in four varieties

Orange, Multi, Mango and Red Multi are the names of the four popular varieties that come with 40%1 less sugar without added sweeteners and meet the daily requirement of vitamin C2. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system, making hohes C Juicy Balance the ideal complement to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Promoting a balanced diet is an important concern of the hohes C brand - and has been right from the start.

[1] 40% less sugar than other fruit juice drinks without sweeteners. All varieties contain a maximum of 6.1g sugar / 100ml.
[2] hohes C Juicy Balance contains 80mg vitamin C / 0.35 L. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Juicy Balance is therefore the ideal complement to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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