Scandinavian lifestyle on the German chilled shelf

God Morgon juice stands for a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. As of April, the organic products will also be available in Germany.

Being down to earth and close to nature while seeing opportunities in the smaller things in life – that describes the Scandinavian way of life. A glass of delicious and healthy juice in the morning belongs right there in the mix. And the most popular juice mark in Scandinavia is God Morgon. The “joy of everyday life” attitude has now also arrived here, with the launch of God Morgon in Germany.

"It's the small steps that can make every day and every morning a little better. More and more people share this conviction and want meaningful enjoyment," says Tamara Steinacher, Brand Manager in the newly created God Morgon team for Germany. As an agile and multifunctional team, they brought God Morgon to the Federal Republic.

Three new fruit combinations

Three varieties are to fill the organic gap in the chilled segment of German supermarkets as of April 11: The green organic juice with apple-lime-lemongrass flavor is a newcomer, as is the apple-tangerine-carrot variety. In addition, there is the fruity-yellow organic orange juice as a classic. But it's not just lifestyle and taste that count for God Morgon: Being packaged in 100 percent r-PET, the products also make their contribution to sustainability.


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