A great leap to more sustainable juice

60 percent of the fruit Eckes-Granini uses for its fruit juices comes from sustainable cultivation. This is a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Greater sustainability is a major goal at Eckes-Granini. A lot has happened in this regard since the signing of the “Sustainable Juice Covenant” in 2019, when the company made a commitment to "The Sustainable Trade Initiative" to ensure sustainability along the supply chain right through to fruit cultivation. In 2020, the proportion of sustainable fruit at Eckes-Granini was already 47 percent according to the quality balance model, and it has now increased significantly again, to an impressive 60 percent.

Projects create opportunities

To achieve more sustainability, Eckes-Granini works with suppliers to promote farms in the cultivation areas and provide further training in terms of sustainable cultivation. One of the supported projects is the "Small Holders, Big Opportunities" project of the international non-profit organization “Solidaridad” in Brazil. Since 2020, Eckes-Granini has been supporting the training of around 500 small-scale Brazilian orange farmers in the use of sustainable agricultural practices and techniques.

Eckes-Granini aims to become one of the most sustainable companies in the juice and fruit beverages sector. Having 60 percent of fruit come from sustainable cultivation, the company has taken a big leap towards achieving that goal.

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