30,000 euros for athletes with a heart

With the "International Charity Project" established in 2008, the Eckes Family Foundation provides help for causes on behalf of which employees of Eckes-Granini are actively engaged and are in need of our support.

“Les Sportifs ont du coeur” (Athletes with a heart) is a French initiative that organizes an annual charity run. Participants are asked to donate at least one gift for children in Normandy who are forced to spend Christmas in hospital.

Antoine Dumeige with the 1,000 participants at the donation handover shortly before the start of the run.

“Thanks to the Eckes Family Foundation, this enabled us to continue to grow this one-day event. We set the goal of putting smiles on the faces of 1,000 hospitalized children with gifts from more than 1,000 participants, and we achieved that goal,” says Antoine Dumeige, an employee of Eckes-Granini France who submitted the initiative to “International Charity Project” and has supported the initiative from the outset. 

When the donation was awarded during their third charity run in the beginning of December the more than 60 volunteers who helped organize the day realized what it really meant: “With the 30,000 euros from the Eckes Family Foundation we will be able to purchase a teaching robot and bicycles for use in the cardiac rehabilitation of young patients. But it will also enable us to organize cultural outings with hospitalized children on the Normandy coast.” 

Eckes-Granini is committed to helping seriously ill children for many years. The lighthouse project Team Rynkeby has already collected over 55 million euros for this purpose. The "International Charity Project" will flow into that charity work of Team Rynkeby beginning this year.

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