Team Rynkeby sets a new sponsor record.

Team Rynkeby, the leading European charity cycling initiative, has recruited more than 1,500 corporate sponsors – a 15-percent increase over last year’s total.

1,541 colourful logos will be displayed on the yellow jerseys worn by members of the international charity cycling team, Team Rynkeby, during the annual tour to Paris. That’s how many sponsors are supporting Team Rynkeby this year.

Sponsors donate a minimum of 2,500 euros in support of this good cause. Nearly 50 firms have signed platinum sponsoring contracts, each of which brings in 12,500 euros. “I’m thrilled with the commitment shown by all participating firms, which has led to such a tremendous success for us. It’s wonderful to see that more and more firms are embracing our cause”, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, with pride.
The increase in the number of sponsors means that currently Team Rynkeby is ahead of last year’s collection results. Team Rynkeby collected 10.6 million euros for childhood cancer research and care for severely ill children in 2019.


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