Five months, 500,000 litres, uncountable commitment!:

Eckes-Granini reached the donation target and handed over 500,000 litres of juice to Corona helpers in the past five months.

Under the motto "The best of fruit for a healthy and united community", the eleven European national organizations of the Eckes-Granini Group have…

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Getting started with start-ups:

Eckes-Granini in Hungary works with start-ups to develop technological solutions for agricultural challenges.

SIÓ-Eckes, the Eckes-Granini subsidiary in Hungary, is participating in an innovation project of the National Agricultural Chamber. The so-called…

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Juice – the elixir for a healthy living:

A professional article by Dr. Volker Herdegen, Manager Research & Innovation Eckes-Granini, and Kiran Jainani, Group Innovation Manager.

There is an old saying that states that ‘you are what you eat’ hence, it is not surprising that ‘what we consume’ plays the central role in achieving…

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A visit to sustainability!:

Sustainability along the supply chain can only be achieved together. During a field tour, Eckes-Granini visits a local farmer and supplier.

Sustainability in food requires a high level of personal commitment, trustful cooperation between all partners in the production chain and constant…

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Empty bottles bring the fun:

Eckes-Granini Belgium sweetens the home-schooling not only with granini juices, but also with creative craft ideas for the whole family.

While for some people the bottle is empty, for others it is full of potential. All it takes is a little creativity. The social media feeds of…

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Brand power for strong gastronomy:

The Corona crisis hits the gastronomy hard. Our granini and Pago brands are giving the industry a helping hand with a variety of solutions.

Weeks of lockdown, the customers stay away, the reopening under hygienic conditions: All this causes deep worry lines in the gastronomy, if not even…

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Local tours instead of big event:

The largest European charity bike tour of Team Rynkeby to Paris was unfortunately cancelled. Our teams are still riding: Not across borders, but in regional tours.

The Corona crisis has also affected this year's Charity Cycling Tour of Team Rynkeby. Unfortunately the trip to Paris had to be cancelled. But our…

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Press Releases

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Pressetexte der Eckes-Granini Group.
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