Brand power for strong gastronomy:

The Corona crisis hits the gastronomy hard. Our granini and Pago brands are giving the industry a helping hand with a variety of solutions.

Weeks of lockdown, the customers stay away, the reopening under hygienic conditions: All this causes deep worry lines in the gastronomy, if not even…

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Local tours instead of big event:

The largest European charity bike tour of Team Rynkeby to Paris was unfortunately cancelled. Our teams are still riding: Not across borders, but in regional tours.

The Corona crisis has also affected this year's Charity Cycling Tour of Team Rynkeby. Unfortunately the trip to Paris had to be cancelled. But our…

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Good for your teeth:

Do fruit juices with a lot of polyphenols have a positive effect on dental health? A study is getting to the bottom of this.

Fruit juices and drinks made from them provide health-relevant ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and also secondary plant substances such as…

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Bicycle, sweat and tears:

The alternative to the real tour: Team Rynkeby − hohes C's first ride to Paris can now be experienced in a documentary.

How it feels to ride 874 kilometres on a racing bike can be intensively experienced in the documentary "Close the Gap". The film accompanies Team…

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Wanted: New members for Team Rynkeby:

Team Rynkeby is looking ahead to their tour in 2021— and as a first step looking for new participants for the several teams in Europe.

When the charity tour to Paris had to be cancelled due to the Corona situation this year, Team Rynkeby started preparing for next year. As 2021 will…

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New products from Austria:

Eckes-Granini Austria launches innovations in YO fruit syrup and hohes C.

As a fan of mineral water you might not believe it, but many people prefer to drink their juice mixed with still water. That is why our colleagues at…

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Gastronomes love Pago:

In a video campaign started in 2019 more Austrian lighthouse restaurateurs talk about successes and how Pago fits into it.

It doesn't always have to be alcohol. High quality juices belong in the upscale gastronomy, like exquisite wines and tasty water. A new video campaign…

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Press Releases

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Pressetexte der Eckes-Granini Group.
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