JUiCE ME UP! is small, smart and sustainable:

The new range from granini is a genuine and so far unique innovation on the German juice market.

It's up to you - opt for more sustainability! That’s the message on the packaging of JUiCE ME UP! The new granini range is a unique innovation on the…

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First Group-wide sustainability report:

The Eckes-Granini Group has achieved another sustainability milestone with the publication of its first Group-wide sustainability report.

The Eckes-Granini Group publishes its first Group-wide Sustainability Report. The report presents numerous sustainability projects and measures that…

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“Fresh and not too sweet”:

God Morgon® Apple 1L wins consumer test.

God Morgon® Apple 1L was announced best in test in a Swedish newspaper last week.

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Spanish sustainability in moving pictures:

A new video impressively shows what Eckes-Granini Spain has achieved in terms of sustainability - and what the future looks like.

Eckes-Granini Spain is making an important contribution to greater sustainability. In a new video, the national company also formulates ambitious…

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This bottle will disappear by itself:

Eckes-Granini Sweden is working on an innovative packaging solution: The new bottle will not only be compostable, but you can even eat it.

Many manufacturers claim that their packaging is biodegradable. In most cases, however, this packaging has to be industrially processed - with heat,…

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Pago is the perfect brand:

Brand expert Christian Thomas associates a lot with Pago - that's how a brand has to be, he says in a video interview.

If we think of certain brands as great, then we not only like the products. We also love their design and what the products or the company behind them…

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Press Releases

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Pressetexte der Eckes-Granini Group.
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