This is still good!:

Taking sustainability efforts one step further, Rynkeby will introduce “Often Good After” labels to fight food waste.

Handling food and food products consciously has been engrained in Rynkeby's brand DNA for a long time. When Inger Rasmussen started pressing juice…

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Bringing shots to France:

Joker, the family brand of Eckes-Granini France, provides consumers with a kicking taste experience in the form of newly launched shots.

Health has become the first preoccupation of French people, even more so since the Covid-19 crisis hit. Also, 95 percent of the population is aware…

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Just take a shot – at health!:

Strengthening the immune system – Brämhults launched new shots during a sports event.

With their positive health properties, the new "Immune" and "Antioxidant" varieties added to the successful shot range of our Swedish brand Brämhults…

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Fighting food waste with TooGoodToGo:

To reduce food waste, Rynkeby Food A/S is now collaborating with TooGoodToGo in Denmark. Products with a short shelf life are sold to happy customers at a great discount.

Every year, more than 47 million tons of still good food are thrown away in European homes. The company TooGoodToGo, started in Denmark in 2015,…

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One day for sustainability:

Eckes-Granini employees are engaged in a variety of projects during their first Group-wide Sustainability Day.

Eckes-Granini gets down to it! Last week, the Group-wide Eckes-Granini Sustainability Day was held for the first time. Many of the 1,700 employees at…

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Refugee Assistance: By families for families:

Eckes-Granini Lietuva and the Lithuanian Red Cross are lending refugee families from Iraq and Afghanistan a helping hand.

Eckes-Granini is a family company that helps - especially when we see that the health and well-being of families are at risk. We are committed to help…

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Press Releases

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