Already saving CO2 today?:

Eckes-Granini opts for the environmentally friendly rail / liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks in its logistics fleet.

"We bring people the best of fruit" - that is Eckes-Granini's claim. However, it is a long way to the finished juice on the supermarket shelf.…

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hohes C in 100% r-PET :

Starting mid-May, Eckes-Granini's hohes C juice will only be sold in bottles made of 100 percent recycled PET.

As Eckes-Granini Germany's first brand, hohes C will go full circle when it comes to recycled plastic. As of mid-May, the brand's 1-liter bottle will…

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Team Rynkeby: Gear shifting to local tours:

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the largest European charity project Team Rynkeby will ride local tours for the good cause.

The corona situation across Europe has forced the largest European charity project Team Rynkeby to shift plans: Instead of cycling to Paris, there…

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Right recycling via app:

Eckes-Granini Austria supports a forward-looking initiative for the proper recycling of single-use packaging.

Our national subsidiary Eckes-Granini Austria, known for the fruit juice and syrup brands Pago, hohes C and YO, pays attention not only to…

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hohes C receives two awards:

Double honor: German brand hohes C receives awards for "Top Brand 2021" and for "Most Trusted Brand".

German food magazine Lebensmittelzeitung has named our German brand hohes C the "Top Brand 2021" in the "fruit beverages" category.

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Marli has a new purpose:

With a new brand purpose, slogan and logo plus lots of enthusiasm, our brand Marli aims at bringing consumers everything that is natural, healthy and Finnish.

Our brand Marli has the longest expertise when it comes to berry and fruit beverages in Finland and Finns have been trusting the brand for years.

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One year of Corona:

Our video review of one year of Corona: how the pandemic affected us as the Eckes-Granini Group - and strengthened us at the same time.

As the leading supplier of fruit juice in Europe, we as the Eckes-Granini Group felt the various impacts of the Corona outbreak in all our eleven…

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Press Releases

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Pressetexte der Eckes-Granini Group.
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