SIÓ project receives prestigious award:

The Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development honored Eckes-Granini for the schoolbag project "Thank you, SIÓ!”

For 13 years now, SIÓ-Eckes’ program "Thank you, SIÓ!" has been helping Hungarian children in need by providing school supplies and school backpacks.…

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Eckes-Granini becomes a climate neutral company:

The Eckes-Granini Group with all its subsidiaries will operate climate neutral throughout Europe as of January 1, 2021.

Starting from 1 January 2021, Eckes-Granini will be climate neutral and will contribute to protect 17,872 hectares of forest in the Amazon area…

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Pago: Donating for gastronomers:

Whoever buys Pago supports Austria's gastronomy. For every bottle sold, 10 cents go to restaurants, bars and cafes.

For the national organizations of Eckes-Granini, one thing remains self-evident this year: the willingness to continue supporting volunteers,…

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Study: Orange juice helps against high blood pressure:

French and German scientists want to understand why drinking orange juice is so good for our heart.

Orange juice is not only delicious, but also healthy! But why exactly? This question is now being addressed by the Geisenheim University of Applied…

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Contemporary sustainable!:

Juices from God Morgon® get a more sustainable outfit: 25% less carbon footprint on the outside, filled with 100% sustainable orange juice.

God Morgon®, our brand from Eckes-Granini Sweden, is launching a new contemporary design, a sustainable evolution from the classic design since 2010:…

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Rynkeby Food A/S gains a new important customer:

Canteens of COWI, the largest Scandinavian civil engineering company, will from now on serve healthy Rynkeby juices.

70,000 litres of juice every year – our Danish subsidiary Rynkeby Food A/S can be proud about an extensive order for the canteens of COWI. The head…

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From tomatoe to juice:

During field tours, Eckes-Granini visits local farmers and suppliers—this time in France.

For Eckes-Granini, sustainability means more than the appropriate cultivation of raw materials. It also expresses itself in long-term relationships…

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