People & Society

Without an ambitious and passionate team, our transformation into one of the most sustainable juice producers would be unthinkable. That is why we encourage our employees to contribute their ideas and commitment to this transformation process. In addition, we promote the well-being and health of the people with numerous activites, especially those who cannot help themselves and need support.

Social responsibility: We are committed to people

As a family-owned business, children are particularly close to our hearts. Because children are the focus of every family. This is why we are fully engaged to the well-being of seriously ill children. In addition, we are committed to good and pleasant living conditions, especially in the  immediate neighborhood of our locations and employees.

Employees: We grow with our employees

The Eckes-Granini Group has around 1.700 employees in eleven European countries. With their passion, ideas and commitment, they make a significant contribution to the success of our company. They are also the ones who ensure that all our sustainability efforts are actively implemented and lived every day. On our way to becoming one of the most sustainable companies, we therefore cultivate a work culture that supports change, meets the needs of our teams and provides room for personal and professional growth.

Healthy nutrition: We support a balanced diet

More and more people around the world are striving for a healthier lifestyle. A balanced diet is an integral part of this. Our focus is on naturalness and the constant reduction of calories as far as possible. In addition, the demand for products with additional nutrients is increasing. Contrary to this development, overweight and malnutrition are a cause for concern in our society. Promoting a healthy and conscious diet is therefore also an important concern for us. With our constantly evolving product concepts, scientific research and educational initiatives, we aim to help consumers balance their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


High-quality fruits are the basis of every Eckes-Granini product.
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Current projects

Cycling for a good cause
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