Planet & Environment

High-quality fruits are the basis of every Eckes-Granini product. We want to protect and preserve natural resources because we are already thinking about tomorrow today. That's why we are committed: in the area of Planet and Environment, among other things, to sustainable juice, climate protection, sustainable packaging and a functioning recycling management.



Sustainable Juice

In February 2019, the Eckes-Granini Group signed the agreement "Sustainable Juice Covenant" (SJC) of the sustainability initiative "The Sustainable Trade Initiative" (IDH). We have thus committed ourselves to ensuring sustainability - along the supply chain to fruit cultivation. Our goal is to be able to offer our entire juice range from sustainable cultivation by 2030 at the latest. We therefore work intensively with our suppliers to promote and ensure sustainable fruit cultivation through further development, training and auditing of farms and farmers. By taking this step, we are supporting the protection of natural resources in the growing regions. We also ensure that everyone involved in the production of our products is treated with care, respect and fairness. Since 2019, we already offer fruit juices made from sustainably grown oranges. We ensure and verify this through our sustainability criteria, which correspond to at least the bronze level of the "Farm Sustainability Assessment" (FSA) of the "Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform" (SAI). We purchase our raw materials in accordance with what is known as the quantity balance model. This means that the quantity of sustainably grown oranges purchased is blended with conventionally grown oranges as it progresses through the supply chain. This simplifies the complex tracing process and makes it affordable. The quantity balance model facilitates the transition to sustainable procurement, from which more and more growers benefit. Seamless traceability makes it possible to confirm that the quantity of fruit that comes from sustainable growing operations and is introduced into the system matches the quantities we process. The use of this model makes sustainably grown fruit affordable and enables an increasing number of growers to adopt sustainable cultivation methods.

Climate protection

Climate change is already causing considerable changes in the weather today. This development could have a significant impact on agricultural productivity in the future. This is another reason why - among other risks - it is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C. As a leading European juice producer, we want to send a clear signal in this regard – we avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible and offset our net emissions 100%. To achieve that ambitious goal, we are reducing and offsetting net CO2 emissions generated in production and logistics of our products. We offset our CO2 footprint in accordance with Scope 1 and 2, through the cooperation with the provider ClimatePartner. As of 2021 all eleven Eckes-Granini subsidiaries will carry the ClimatePartner-LabelClimate Neutral Company“.

Packaging and recycling management

Incorrectly disposed plastic pollutes our ecosystem. Our concern is to actively counteract this. Today, all our PET bottles are 100% recyclable. Through the use of new technologies, more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, and recycled PET (r-PET), we are continuously working to improve recycling management the circular economy even further and consistently reduce waste volumes. By the end of 2022, for example, Eckes-Granini Germany intends to use only PET bottles made from 100% r-PET, thus saving around 9,000 tons of new plastic per year. Since mid-May 2021, hohes C's 1-liter bottle has already been made from 100% recycled plastic (r-PET). hohes C is thus making an important contribution to closing the recycling loop for packaging.

Without an ambitious and passionate team, our transformation into one of the most sustainable juice producers would be unthinkable.
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Current projects

As a company, we have committed ourselves to make a measurable contribution to climate protection. All of our European national companies are already working climate neutral.
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As a business enterprise, we have accepted the obligation to make fruit and vegetable farming more sustainable on a global scale.
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Sustainability is deeply embedded in the roots of our corporate strategy. As a family business, we do not calculate in financial years...
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