Sustainability Report

“Eckes-Granini has a clear aspiration: We want to become one of the most sustainable companies in the juice and fruit beverage sector. We have been pursuing this goal very consistently for many years with a constant stream of new projects and initiatives and with the ambition to make significant progress each year. Of course, we have not yet arrived where we want to be! This report is intended as an interim summary and a means of ensuring that our sustainability activities are measurable and comparable going forward. We are providing frank insight into where we are, which aspects we are addressing, what we have planned and how we will approach our goals. Why are we doing this? Because we are convinced that engaging in transparent dialogue with you will make us better and to help us achieve these goals more quickly than would otherwise be possible.”

Tim Berger

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The Eckes-Granini Group at a glance
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Enjoyment and health, innovation and tradition – these are the ideas on which the Eckes vision is based.
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