Natural taste and good cheer in a single glass

Joker is the leading French national fruit-juice brand and has earned a brand-awareness rating of over 90 percent in France. It represents a formula for success based on high quality standards, solid experience in fruit-juice production and innovations for more than 80 years!

History: a strong tradition of fruit-juice expertise

Joker’s roots lie in the city of Mâcon in the French province of Burgundy. Henry Malvoisin, a wine merchant and passionate card player, named the product he first produced in 1936 after his favourite playing card, and thus founded the prominent fruit-beverage brand. The company has invested in research and development continually ever since, while building a wealth of fruit-juice know-how – consistently supported by a successful advertising history, in which the mascot Joko has played an instrumental role since 2015.

The product programme: natural taste, quality and good cheer for the whole family.

Joker offers a wide range of fruit juices for every taste and every member of the family. Joker portfolio is divided in four ranges, all without added sugar and all bottled in France in 100 % recyclable packaging units:

  • Joker Le Pur Jus - 100% direct juice, squeezed from fresh-picked fruits, in a unique fruit-shaped PET bottle
  • Joker Le Pur Jus 30% less sugar - the first natural, low-sugar direct juice range, launched in January 2018
  • Joker le Bio! - only organic fruits, no added sugar, produced in France
  • Joker le Fruit – 100% fruit juice, in a new more practical bottle

Joker, awakes the taste!


Awakens the taste of family breakfast.

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