Contemporary sustainable!

Juices from God Morgon® get a more sustainable outfit: 25% less carbon footprint on the outside, filled with 100% sustainable orange juice.

God Morgon®, our brand from Eckes-Granini Sweden, is launching a new contemporary design, a sustainable evolution from the classic design since 2010: “We are very excited to bring the new carton design to the market to modernize the brand while respecting our heritage”, says Josefin Nordmark, Brand Manager God Morgon®. “At the same time, we are in the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions and sustainably grown oranges making it easier for our consumers to make sustainable choices.“

In their new carton design, they have kept their most important brand assets: the black canvas, the glass and the fruits, that is well-known by their consumers. But they evolved it even more with focus on authenticity and naturalness - because that is what the brand stands for.

Big step: 100% Sustainably Grown

The same applies to the topic of sustainability: While working on improving the design, our colleagues from God Morgon® have also minimized the carton’s carbon footprint by 25% compared to previous 1L packaging by shifting the thin layer of plastic and the cap from fossil to forest-based material produced by raw material made of residue from pulp and paper production from Nordic pine trees. The 1L cartons are now also 100% carbon neutral.

With the implementation of the new design, they take a big step towards our goal as Eckes-Granini Group to be able to offer our entire "100% sustainable" juice range by 2030 at the latest. Our seal of quality “100% Sustainably Grown” now decorates all orange juices labels of God Morgon® at the front of each pack and a text at the back explains the initiative: Our oranges are 100% sustainably grown!


100% sustainable

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