Sustainability in new and good hands

Jérôme Mornet will take over as Head of Quality Assurance and Sustainability of the Eckes-Granini Group on January 1, 2021 of his predecessor Dr. Karl Neuhäuser.

An important baton was passed at Eckes-Granini at the very beginning of the year: Dr. Karl Neuhäuser is retiring after more than 35 years with the company, his successor, Jérôme Mornet (50) will take over as Head of Quality Assurance and Sustainability of the Eckes-Granini Group. “I’m leaving my topics in trustworthy hands and watching it flourish with pleasure from the outside”, says Neuhäuser.

A warm good-bye for Dr. Karl Neuhäuser (left) and a warm welcome for our new Director Quality Assurance & Sustainability, Jérôme Mornet (right).

Jérôme Mornet, a biochemist, has held various positions since 2008 at Europe's leading supplier of juice and fruit beverages. Since 2013, he has headed the Quality Assurance and Sustainability Division at the national company Eckes-Granini France. As such, he is also responsible for the development and implementation of the comprehensive "Equilibre" sustainability program, one of the first programs at the Eckes-Granini country level. Jérôme Mornet is active in numerous national and international fruit juice associations and organizations, also as president of the French organization Qualijus (Institut de contrôle de la qualité des jus & nectar), an independent quality control body for the juice and nectar industry in France. Now it's time to continue this success story at Group level! “I am really looking forward to following in Karl Neuhäusers footsteps,” says Jérôme Mornet. “Together with my new colleagues, we will pave the way for an even more sustainable future for Eckes-Granini – with the same high quality we are known for.”

Eckes-Granini CEO Tim Berger emphasizes: “I would like to thank Karl Neuhäuser for his outstanding commitment and wish him all the best and the best of health for the coming period of his life. At the same time, I look forward to working with Jérôme Mornet. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the coming years with a view to quality and sustainability. I am convinced that with him and his wide-ranging expertise, we will continue to succeed in setting real benchmarks and providing new impulses for the market."

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