This is still good!

Taking sustainability efforts one step further, Rynkeby will introduce “Often Good After” labels to fight food waste.

Handling food and food products consciously has been engrained in Rynkeby's brand DNA for a long time. When Inger Rasmussen started pressing juice from fallen apples in 1934, she was fighting food waste – while laying the foundation for Rynkeby. The brand’s efforts towards more sustainability today include labeling products so they won’t get thrown away too early.

For a long time, the ‘SEE - SCENT - TASTE’ icon on most of Rynkeby’s packaging has been encouraging consumers to use their senses in order to tell whether a product is still good. By doing so, consumers can easily help reduce food waste. Further, Rynkeby has joined a coalition of Denmark’s largest food companies who, together with the organization Too Good To Go, are taking additional steps towards sustainability.

In 2022, Rynkeby will introduce the label "Often Good After" on a large number of products. The label will raise awareness in consumers that products are often still good, even after their expiration date. Rynkeby thereby hopes to support consumers in making responsible choices and fighting food waste.


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