Pago is the perfect brand

Brand expert Christian Thomas associates a lot with Pago - that's how a brand has to be, he says in a video interview.

If we think of certain brands as great, then we not only like the products. We also love their design and what the products or the company behind them stand for. Christian Thomas, curator of the "Austrian Brand Stories" exhibition in Vienna, knows everything about how brands work. The exhibition features many well-known Austrian brands - but none is like Pago, according to Thomas. "Pago was a desired candidate for the exhibition from the beginning because Pago is a very iconic brand," he says.

Not only does the brand convey a clear message, he says, but it also scores by way of bottle design – after all, the Pago bottles are modeled after fruit. In addition, the traditional brand also works on an emotional level: "Pago is a place of remembrance for me," says Thomas.

Well-known gastronomes also appreciate Pago. Click here for the video interviews with Alexandra Holzhey from Café Urbann and Gabriele and Robert Huth of Huth Gastronomie.


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