hohes C orange juice revolutionizes the market

The first ready-to-drink orange juice in bottles is introduced in 1958: hohes C. Thanks to its outstanding quality and its role as a source of vitamin C for the whole family, hohes C is an immediate hit. hohes C remains a classic among branded juices and the unchallenged market leader in the fruit-juice segment in Germany to this day.



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Peter Eckes and the early years

Entry into the fruit-juice business

hohes C orange juice revolutionizes the market

The Institut für Getränkeforschung

The Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaft-Industrie

Eckes becomes a public limited company

Spirits and fruit juice go their separate ways

New strategic partnership in the Czech Republic

Eckes-Granini acquires Pago

Eckes-Granini acquires the Danish fruit-juice producer Rynkeby

Eckes-Granini acquires minority interest in true fruits