Eckes-Granini in France is a subsidiary of the Eckes-Granini Group and a leading brand producer of fruit juices and fruit beverages in France.

The combination of unrivalled expertise and three extraordinarily powerful and popular brands – Joker, Réa, Pago - and granini – qualify Eckes-Granini France as top supplier of juices and fruit beverages for the retail trade as well as the out-of-home and on-the-go segments in France.

Headquarters: Mâcon
Market position: No. 4 (value-based market share 2019: 7.6 %)



Eckes-Granini France SNC
138, rue Lavoisier
71000 Mâcon

Tel. +33 3 85204700
Fax  +33 3 58795031

Other locations

Eckes-Granini France SNC
Marketing, Retail und OOH Direction
151-155, rue de Bercy
75012 Paris

Tel. +33 14 4088515
Fax  +33 14 5873246

Strategic brands

The granini brand is a unique icon in the fruit juice market.

Awakens the taste of family breakfast.

Is there anyone who isn’t familiar with the little, green glass bottle with the yellow cap?

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